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Clark Weekend Getaway Part 2: Monte Vista Villas and C' Italian Dining
(Posted: July 18, 2011)

After our Puning Hot Springs adventure, we were spent. Instead of bringing us back to Ministop Sutherland, the 4x4 jeep driver was nice enough to bring us to our digs instead since it was just a few minutes away from the Ministop. We were able to get an awesomely discounted 2 bedroom villa at Monte Vista Villas inside Mimosa.

The villa was huge and comfortably fit 4 people. Our whole barkada of 9 could have stayed there actually. The villa has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a small kitchen and a room for your driver or yayas.

Room 1

Room 2

We were so tired that we napped before fixing up for dinner. Haha My boss was also in Clark so he met us for dinner at Café Mesa. Ok…so I don’t have photos from the dinner! Bad documenter! The food there is delicious and the ambiance in conducive for conversation. You can watch all about Café Mesa here.

We toured a bit of Clark and its night life while trying to sell Danix on the street. (Inside joke!) We headed back to our villa and spent the night catching up and drinking.

The other highlight of the trip was a meal at C’ Italian Dining, winner of Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Award for the Best italian Restaurant in 2008. If you’re heading there on a weekend, it is HIGHLY recommended that you make a reservation.

Funny story. We arrived at C’ around lunch time, the place was packed to the brim and there was a waiting list. We decided to add ourselves to the list. The catch? Our table wouldn't be ready until around 3PM. We weren’t extremely hungry yet and we went all the way to Clark for this so we weren’t missing the opportunity to experience C'. When we were about to leave, I asked a server how they would contact us since we were on the waiting list. The server asked how many were in our party and luckily, there as a free table! Yay! The food gods were on our side!

The prices may seem steep but the portions are appropriate. Their food is simply exceptional. I can’t stop raving about their food, everything we ordered was fabulous. I can’t complain about the food. The service, however, could be greatly improved.

Millionario Panizza (P695)
The famous cheese sauce infused with tomato paste and white truffle oil topped with shrimp and herbs.

C’ is famous for its panizza so make sure you order one.

Risotto Della Casa (P720)
Tender braised angus beef, chuck roll, italian sausage balls, tomatoes, red wine and sage.

My friends made fun of how it looked but I love risotto!

Penne Roberto (P590)
Gorgonzola cheese, cream and assorted herbs, chicken fillet, roasted garlic and sun dried tomatoes.

It tasted so rich but so good at the same time.

Tuna Arabiata (P590)
Aromatic spiced tuna dices sautéed in special extra virgin olive oil caper berries, olives, mushrooms and arugula.

Talk about HUGE CHUNKS OF TUNA!!! A testament to the quality of ingredients they use.

We left C’ feeling like we were gonna be offered to the gods as a sacrifice. A gastronomic adventure is THE perfect way to end a weekend getaway.

Monte Vista Villas
C' Italian Dining
1210 Don Juico Avenue (Friendship Road),
Clark, Angeles, Philippines

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