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Travel Snapshots: Enchanting Calaguas Island

Calaguas Island is a little known island in Camarines Norte. Chichi had been there twice before and she swears it's the Ultimate Beach Camping Experience. Think Boracay sans the crowds, hawkers, pollution and in-your-face commercialism.

Here are some snapshots from our trip so you can see the Calaguas Island through our eyes:

The Sole Sisters enjoying the scenic boat ride immensely. Can you imagine that we still haven't had any breakfast or coffee and we are smiling like crazy at 6 in the morning!

Here's a similar boat that we took to Calaguas Island. I love the mirror effect on the water.

I told you it was scenic! It made the 2 hour boat ride to Calaguas more than worth the wait.

This was the site that greeted us upon reaching the island. No words.

Chichi could hardly believe she was back on Calaguas for the third time in 4 months!

She simply had to celebrate!

All you need is a good hat, bikini, and SPF!

See how clear the water is! Our kind of paradise!
We couldn't believe how lucky we were to set foot on this island.

Animated discussions could only mean one thing: future travel plans! (Or we were probably just talking about shoes.)

Aside from our wanderlust, Chichi and I have another thing in common: We sure love to talk!

And laugh...

Like Boracay...but not really. Waaay better.

And here's to the wonderful people who joined Chichi and I on this amazing Calaguas Island adventure!

Until the next trip,
Sole Sisters Lois & Chichi

Lois and Chichi are friends, cosmically aligned, unique in their own separate ways and united by the same passion for travel. Both of them, at some point in their lives, have had to jump in feet first, take risks and see where their itchy soles take them.

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