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Amanpulo Awaits
The Philippine Star
June 20, 2010

This year, I celebrate a decade of wanderlust rendezvous. Looking back, I often ask, does the journey make the person or does the person make the journey? The challenge lies in distinguishing between the two, each being a synergy, or rather, the destiny of each other.

One leaves this homeland in search of something better, more grandiose, more exotic, but in the end, one returns home to find exactly what one is searching for. In my search for the best luxury beach properties in the world, I realized the paradise I had been looking for was in my own country.


Cam Sur's Summer Send-Off
Manila Bulletin
June 19, 2010

Goodbye summer, hello rainy days.

With an exciting array of exhibition moves from pro wake boarders and numerous celebrities having a good time at the beach, the 2nd Lago del Rey Summer Aquafest recently bade summer a fitting farewell to welcome the onset of the rainy season.

The Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) has been picking up prominence in terms of tourism and last year became the most visited destination for both local and foreign tourists. Its Summer Aquafest has become the culmination of what’s best about the province of Camarines Sur.


Camiguin: Treat or Threat?
Manila Bulletin
June 19, 2010

The name “Camiguin” is derived from the native word kamagong, a tree of the Ebony family that thrives near Lake Mainit in Surigao del Norte. The original inhabitants of Camiguin were Manobos, who migrated from Surigao. The old native language in Camiguin is called Kinamiguin, which is similar to the dialect spoken in Surigao.

“Camiguin is an island of prime treats and primal threats.”  That was what the brochure said of the  island-province, which is approximately 90 kilometers north of Cagayan de Oro City.  In a way, that was what I discovered during my recent visit to the island that was once part of Misamis Oriental.


This Green Town Named Bansalan
Manila Bulletin
June 16, 2010

Some few years back, friends of Leila Rispens-Noel wanted to visit her hometown. But they had difficulty in finding the town on the Philippine map. “I have to describe to my friends where the town is geographically located and told them that one day, Bansalan will be placed on the map of the Philippines,” said the native of Bansalan, Davao del Sur who left for the Netherlands in 1979.

Bansalan is a small town, with a total land area of only 20,770 hectares. It is subdivided into 25 barangays and is  located at the boundary between the provinces of North Cotabato and Davao del Sur. It is about 72 kilometers south of Davao City and is very accessible by land transport. The town is sandwiched by two cities: Kidapawan and Digos.


A Tranquil Trek within the City
Manila Bulletin
June 12, 2010

It feels like standing at the center of two entirely different worlds.

On the mountain’s highest peak, visitors get a chance to see both the magnificent view of the metro and the breathtaking beauty of nature. The contrasting view of nature and modern civilization surprises anyone who gets to see it for the first time especially since the mountain trail is still within the borders of Metro Manila.



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