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Boracay's hidden garden
Manila Standard Today
May 27, 2010

One would think that when a person already owns, say, almost a third of Boracay’s Station 2, he’d be lounging on one of his beach beds by now, sipping piña coladas while admiring the famous sunset of the paradise island.

Not to the tireless and visionary Henry Chusuey, the man behind Boracay Regency Group. Apparently, for Chusuey, Boracay is a bottomless gold mine for resort-bounty hunters.


Island province of Guimaras: The perfect last stop this summer
Manila Bulletin
May 26, 2010

Looking for that last perfect spot before summer ends and the rains begin? Look no farther. Only a few hours away from Manila by air and sea, the island of Guimaras beckons. Famous for its world-famous mangoes, Guimaras lies on the southeast of Panay and northwest of Negros Island in Western Visayas, accessible via Iloilo City. Composed of only five municipalities, with Jordan as its capital town, Guimaras’ rich resources can be found not only in its agricultural lands but on the surrounding seas as well.

A few of the small islands around the province has been developed by its respective owners into vacation spots. Among these is the Lamurawan Beach Resort and Renewal Center of the Estoy-Gedalanga family. The relaxing ambience, with the fresh breeze, powdery white sand, and cool water, makes it an ideal place for rejuvenation – both physically and spiritually.


Beauty Lies in the Deep: Diving in Apo Reef
Manila Standard Today
May 20, 2010

Over lunch at the awe inspiring island of Apo in Mindoro, World Wildlife Fund-Philippines chief executive Lori Tan recalled to us a conversation he had with former US ambassador Kristie Kenney in which he told her “It’s like you didn’t try skiing in Switzerland if you don’t go diving in the Philippines.”

The Philippines is home to many majestic sites. However one has to literally dive in deep to fully appreciate what this country has to offer. We have some of the best beaches in the world and luckily for us it does not stop there. Beneath the turquoise and the deep blues of the ocean lies a totally different world that divers call heaven.


Davao: The Royal City of the South
Manila Bulletin
May 19, 2010

If there is one city I would like to visit again and again, it’s Davao. Next to New York, Davao is the most enchanting and beautiful city you will ever see.  Melbourne is a distant third while Bangkok is a far fourth.

“Davao is probably the least exposed of the country’s urban areas,” observed an American tourist who came to the country to marry his girlfriend. “It’s a great holiday hideaway, what with its lush greenery and exotic wild flora and fauna that contribute to its picturesque attractions.”


Cooling Down in Style
Manila Bulletin
May 15, 2010

The hottest days of summer have been registered in the last few days but the season for the coolest activities is far from over. With only a few weeks left to enjoy summer, there are numerous ways to have fun in the water. Aside from white sand beaches, the Philippines is also home to numerous water sports waiting to be discovered.

Provinces have been developing their local treasures of adventure to entice local tourists. Bask in the simple joys of discovering what’s under the deep blue sea to the thrill of splashing against rocks and current in a raft. It all depends on how adventurous you want to go.


Maitum: Mindanao's Old World
Manila Bulletin
May 15, 2010

The place is touted to be Mindanao’s Old World.  Some 107 kilometers away from General Santos City going to the west is the quaint town of Maitum, Sarangani.  “A trip to Maitum is a journey to the past,” says its tourism brochure.

In a way, that was what we observed when we visited the place recently (together with my friend Jay Rey L. Subaldo of Digilution).  Time seems to stand still; not too many vehicles so there’s no traffic.  No air pollution and trees abound.  Clean and pristine beaches, crystal clear rivers, uncharted caves, and breathtaking waterfalls await those who visit this town.



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